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Mini Walkie Talkies

Mini walkie talkies for your little one to talk to your children in. This set is vivitar kidsmini walkie talkies - which is a perfect gift for any age! Thebathing, traveling, and communication products from vivitar are perfect for children. These walkie talkies are powered by a battery, so they'll last for years, and are sealed in a perfect size for privacy. This ecommerce item is available in a 2 pack set.

Best Mini Walkie Talkies Comparison

This is a mini walkie talkie that is used for voice and data chat. It has a voice codec and can handle up to 50 messages at a time. The radio has a red light to help see if it is working and a four-pack of steps to help setting up the walkie-talkie.
this is a miniaturized walkie talkie that features a digital radio and a phone. The walkie talkies are perfect for children who are interested in exploring the world and who need plenty of space to play. The walkie talkies can be turned on and off by a child, and both the walkie talkies and the radio can be turned on and off by just one hand. The phone can also be turned off and replaced with a different model. The walkie talkies can be stored in a storage container or in a place where they can be found.
mini walkie talkies are the perfect way to share your music and talk with your friends. With mini walkie talkies you can have up to four peopletalk to you at the same time. The two way radio technology ensures clear communication no matter where you are.